Tyfone Speak

“In my career, I have had the opportunity to see a wide number of solutions, but Tyfone’s combination of local- and cloud-based security paradigm, in my opinion, holds the most promise...”
- Reginald Hyde
U.S. Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security (Retd.)

In addressing entities positioned for providing smart card based security solutions: "...specifically Tyfone, which has significant intellectual property pertaining to secure element management and several years’ pedigree in the space."
– Yankee Group
2012 Mobility Predictions

In referring to choice of Tyfone as its mobile vendor “We look at these decisions strategically, not just tactically. We looked for a long-term relationship with a provider and that is why we chose Tyfone.”
- John Worthington
SVP Corporate Communications
Security Service Federal Credit Union

“Tyfone has an impressive patent portfolio and history of innovation in mobile financial, secure ID management, and NFC solutions. We believe that Tyfone’s technology has the potential to address a wide range of complex government and commercial secure identity challenges.”
– Jay Emmanuel
VP Technology

“The Tyfone People have great attitudes and are really good to work with. They are always helpful and flexible and take a "get it done" approach that we really appreciate.”
- Laura Thompson
Orange County's Credit Union

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