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The Tyfone Story

Few technologies have transformed human behavior as quickly as mobility (on the consumer side) and cloud (on the infrastructure side). With the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers, there has truly been a paradigm shift in the way people access and share information. According to a Gartner Report, one of the top 10 strategic trends for this year is the “merging of the physical and virtual world”. The report goes on to state that “the first tipping point is the move to computing everywhere”, is driven by mobility. However, mobility and the cloud model present a serious challenge for enterprise security managers, both in terms of information security and physical security of  assets. To further add to the complexity, cyber-attacks are on the rise and are becoming increasingly devastating in their impact. Identity management and secure transactions have now become the key to protecting against these disruptive attacks.



The days of “good enough” security that relies on analytics and passwords alone are over. The cloud allows authorized users to access sensitive data remotely, equally enabling hackers to do the same, since the cloud has inadequate protections on differentiating between an authorized user and a hacker.

The combination of the Connected Smart Card™ (CSC™) security hardware and the u4ia™ platform is an effective way to mitigate these risks by enabling high-grade endpoint security in the hands of authorized users. The u4ia identity and secure transaction platform is flexible and can be configured to use any of the 4 NIST Levels, based on the information / transaction being secured. Our hardware and software services are protected by 140 issued and pending patents and over 1,500 issued invention claims.

The Tyfone Team

Tyfone’s team is an accomplished group of people that develops and delivers solutions for customers.

Board of Directors

Tyfone’s Board of Directors come from diverse fields of expertise bringing a comprehensive outlook to steering us towards our goals. To take care of the management and shareholders’ interests, our Board of Directors establishes key management policies, evaluates performance, and collaborates with us on the strategic direction for the company. Our Board Members drive overall performance and help us serve our worldwide customers, partners and shareholders.

nFinia™ Secure Digital Banking Suite

nFinia multi channel banking devices

The nFinia™ Secure Digital Banking Suite provides a consistent user experience, feature parity and industry-leading security across mobile and online banking channels.

u4ia™ Digital Security Platform

u4ia digital security platform

The u4ia™ Digital Security Platform secures identity and transactions, providing all levels of NIST security in an easy-to-implement SaaS solution with standards-based APIs and built-in policy capabilities.

Side-X™ Digital Endpoint Security

Side-X secure tokens

Side-X family of products delivers your customers and employees the highest levels of endpoint security across connected devices, cloud and Internet of Things (IoT).

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