Celebrating Women in Technology

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For a women-only walk-in recruitment drive from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on March 23rd, 2019

Venue: Tyfone, Bangalore Office

Women's Day 2019

“The standard argument is that diversity is good, and you should have both men and women in a group. But so far, the data show, the more women, the better.”

Thomas Malone, Management Professor at MIT, speaking to the Harvard Business Review, 2011

At Tyfone, we experience Thomas Malone’s words every day. We also believe in a study by the International Finance Corporation which shows that incorporating more women to companies not only helps protect their rights but at the same time, it is also good for business. Tyfone experiences the following findings from the study, every day:

  • Access to the best available talent

  • Improvements in productivity and innovation

  • Strengthening team dynamics

  • Reduced staff turnover and long-term relations
  • Better work environment

@Tyfone we believe that Diversity is key to organizations of the future.

Company & Culture

Tyfone is an innovative, focused and collegial organization. Our employees are empowered to take responsibility for their work and are encouraged to communicate across all levels of the organization. We are an organization with minimal hierarchy and bureaucracy, which allows employees to work in a truly open environment knowing that results matter the most. The company has a very healthy employee stock option program and employees are offered a competitive compensation and benefits package, combined with an industry-leading, performance-driven, annual appraisal plan. Tyfone encourages a healthy work/life balance and actively works towards, training, nurturing, sustaining, and retaining our most valuable asset, our employees. Our average employee longevity is more than 7.5 years.


Tyfone has been committed to recruiting, developing, and promoting a diverse workforce while providing unique opportunities across our businesses. At Tyfone, we believe that inclusion and diversity are central to being a high-performance business. We are committed to hiring more women by offering a balanced, interesting and challenging work environment while providing opportunities to grow personally and professionally.

Explore your fit

The impact you’ll make through your career begins by finding work that inspires you and puts your strengths front and centre. We have various opportunities at Tyfone that meet these criteria. Check out our openings and pick the ones that fit your aspirations and ambitions.


Please register to participate in our women-only walk-in recruitment drive from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on March 23rd, 2019 at our Bangalore Office by choosing the opening below and sending us your profile.