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Endpoint Security For Government

Cybercrime is one of the greatest risks to national security that exists today. Security breaches within all levels of governments and critical infrastructure are occurring on a frequent basis. Governments spend billions of dollars serving citizens and collecting intelligence. Yet, government organizations accounted for 13% of all confirmed security breaches in 2013. Furthermore, with the widespread adoption of the cloud, mobile devices and wireless connectivity, there is a compelling need and corresponding risk of accessing sensitive data and information systems remotely stored in the centralized cloud. The study “The 2014 Mobilometer Tracker: Mobility, Security and The Pressure in Between” found that 90% of government respondents use at least one mobile device – laptop, smartphone or tablet – for work purposes.

The cloud that allows government employees to access sensitive data remotely, allows hackers to do the same since the cloud has inadequate protections on differentiating between a government employee and a hacker. The only effective way to mitigate these risks is to enable high-grade endpoint hardware security in the hands of authorized users. The Connected Smart Card™ (CSC) security hardware and platform patented by Tyfone is such a solution.

Tyfone’s solutions for digital identity and transaction security are protected by over 140 issued and pending patents and over 1,300 issued invention claims. Tyfone’s investors include In-Q-Tel and its customers include the US Government and two of the Top 10 Credit Unions.

Solution Overview

When appropriate security solutions, policies and procedures are adopted and enforced, a mobile workforce is a tremendous asset to any governmental agency. Tyfone’s Secure Transaction Platform help to:

  • Enforce strong authentication of users
  • Secure sensitive information in the cloud by decentralizing key storage
  • Manage user permissions across multiple organizations and systems
  • Protect data access on any device (phones / tablets / PCs) on all major OS
  • Prevent snooping and tampering of data transmission
  • Secure existing wireless voice communication channels without having to build redundant networks

Tyfone Secure Transaction Platform

Apart from enabling ubiquitous connectivity to smart card chips, through a robust set of software APIs and CSC device form factors, the platform allows for secure over-the-air (OTA) provisioning and management of security applets, keys and identities remotely to the CSC device. A single CSC device can be used for multiple applications and use cases. For example, X.509 certificate for establishing a mutually authenticated secure communication channel and/or secure storage for governmental Derived Credentials (NIST SP 800-157). Tyfone’s APIs are PKCS11 compliant enabling standard cryptographic protocols and algorithms on Tyfone’s security platform.

Applications Enabled By Tyfone Security

Tyfone security technologies can be deployed in a variety of digital and physical security applications to secure the identity of people and devices. Transaction security is implemented with policy-based risk management with stepped up security.

  • Secure Identity – Enabling CAC, PIV, Derived Credential
  • Securing the Internet of Things
  • Device Data Encryption (Data at Rest)
  • BYOD Key Store and Security
  • Secure Browser
  • Digital Signatures
  • Document Signing
  • VoIP encryption on Data Network
  • Voice encryption for any device on Circuit Switched Network
  • Facilities Access Control

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