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IoT Security

Security for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the opportunity to make dramatic improvements in productivity, convenience, and the quality of life. Enterprises, Governments, and People will increasingly benefit today and far into the future. IoT devices will continue to become ubiquitous and necessary as they become commonplace and are connected via cloud services. The expected productivity and convenience gains will come about from automated, machine and software-based decision making enabled by IoT connectivity.

Three hurdles that exist for mass adoption of the Internet of Things are:

  1. Trusting the security of the connected IoT devices so we can trust that the information from the devices is appropriately accessible and secure, allowing us to trust the automated decisions that are made.
  2. Inexpensive solutions that include the physical cost of IoT devices, including their connectivity and security technologies, and the software services that enable connectivity-automated decision making.
  3. Standards based technical implementations that help drive low costs, facilitate secure connections, and enable rapid innovation.

SideSafe secure element

Tyfone’s digital security solutions for identity and transactions address all of these potential hurdles. The Tyfone Side-X™ family of products include SideSafe® secure element and SideTap® secure element with built in NFC. These products are designed in a microSD form factor, allowing rapid product development or prototyping into existing hardware such as a Raspberry Pi computer or IoT gateway. The Side™ family of secure elements, combined with the u4ia™ digital security platform, provide NIST Level of Assurance 4, the highest level of security available in the market.

Tyfone Secure Transaction Platform


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