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nFinia™ Secure Digital Banking Suite

The nFinia™ Secure Digital Banking Suite provides anytime, anywhere access to online and mobile banking for your members and customers. The suite leverages modern responsive design techniques to deliver a consistent and convenient user experience, with feature parity, across all devices and platforms.

The suite leverages Tyfone’s u4ia™ Digital Security Platform, which provides unified experience, targeted marketing, and fraud prevention across all channels. This provides the financial institution with a NIST-compliant policy engine, to allow higher value, higher risk transactions, to be available on all digital channels.

Advances in technology have driven customer preferences and usage patterns – creating a demand for convenient around-the-clock access to banking services across all devices. The key factors in customer satisfaction and loyalty for the new generation of banking customers are greater functionality, convenience, accessibility, ease of use, personalization and security across various digital channels.

The significance of the mobile channel in terms of its cost benefits, impact on customer satisfaction and opportunity for personalized marketing has been widely acknowledged and accepted. On the other hand, Online Banking continues to be the preferred mode given its familiarity for conventional customers. Financial institutions need a multi-channel banking solution that is highly secure, yet convenient, and also contains feature parity and integration across different banking channels banking.

Tyfone’s secure digital banking suite is a unified multi-channel solution engaging banking customers across online, tablet and mobile channels through a consistent banking experience.

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nFinia™ Secure Digital Banking Suite

  • Consistent user interface and features across mobile and online banking
  • Responsive & adaptive design
  • Mobile deposit capture, balance, transfers, history, and other banking features.
  • Billpay, P2P, PFM, marketing analytics with target marketing
  • Card activation & management
  • Tyfone u4ia™ identity and transaction security management allows policy based risk management with stepped up security.
  • Integrates with 3rd party or homegrown Fintech solutions

Why nFinia™

Multiple devices, single consistent experience, higher customer satisfaction

Tyfone’s mobile-first, HTML5 based responsive design is optimized for an intuitive and consistent user experience across smartphones, tablets and PC-based browsers. Users transition seamlessly across devices, seeing familiar UI elements, labels and workflows.

Security you can trust

Tyfone’s secure digital banking solution uses the u4iaTM identity and transaction security platform, providing strong authentication and transaction security without compromising ease of use. Banks can reduce fraud risk by leveraging several authentication options based on both software and hardware tokens, compliant with all NIST levels of assurance, to match the varying risk levels of transactions performed by a user.

Easy deployment, faster time to market

Our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery model, built-in integrations with mainstream banking cores, rapid deployment “default” configurations, and in-built modularity and configurability allow a financial institution to be up and running within days with their own branding, functional preferences and unique policies.

Serve customers what they want, where they are

Our digital channels help financial institutions provide context specific services and achieve targeted marketing based on key features such as a user’s banking history, financial behavior patterns and GPS location.

Manage with ease

Our integrated Admin Console is both an administration and a customer service tool that comes with role-based access control, process and policy management, and extensive reporting capabilities that guide business decisions.

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Secure Digital Banking Features

nFinia empowers Financial Institutions to provide a “branch-like” experience for your users customers to perform a variety of financial transactions and self-service operations using any device of their choice, at a fraction of the cost. The proven banking solution is affirmed by industry leaders. Here are some of the key features.

Banking features

  • Account Balances and History
  • Fund transfers
  • Remote Deposit Capture (mobile and desktop)
  • Credit Card activation
  • New Account Opening
  • Balance Sneak Peek
  • Account and Beneficiary Management
  • Alerts and Notifications across digital channels
  • Reward Points
  • E-statements
  • Rates and rate alerts

Self-service options

  • Update Contact Information
  • Secure Device Management
  • Reset Password
  • Card Block/Unblock
  • Travel Advisory
  • Location Search

Payment services

  • Bill Payments
  • P2P payments

Unrivaled Security

  • Multifactor authentication options:
    • OTP
    • Push notifications
    • Software cryptographic token
    • Hardware cryptographic token
  • Digital signing of transactions
  • Transaction non-repudiation through use of hardware token containing smart card chips, which are the state-of-the-art security standard

Download the nFinia Secure Digital Banking Suite Solution Brief

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