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Side-X™ Secure Token

Achieve the highest levels of endpoint security for your customers, staff and connected devices with Tyfone’s Side-X™ secure element product family.

SideCard™ Secure Token in CR80 Form Factor

secure smart card secure element

The only effective way to mitigate the risks associated with cybersecurity and static-password based authentication is to enable high-grade endpoint hardware security in the hands of authorized users. SideCard™ is Tyfone’s industry-leading endpoint security hardware device, which allows an organization to implement decentralized and distributed user authentication in a convenient, familiar form factor. SideCard provides strong authentication and increased safeguards, significantly reducing cybersecurity risks and operational costs.

SideCard is based on Tyfone’s patented hardware endpoint security technology. It leverages an industry-standard smartcard and contains Bluetooth (BLE) interface, NFC contactless or EMV contact interfaces, providing SideCard the flexibility to be used at EMV terminals, point of sale devices, and also accessed via Bluetooth for securing all digital transactions across mobile & non-mobile devices.

SideCard interoperates with Tyfone’s u4ia™ digital security platform for identity & transactions, providing layered step-up security that supports all NIST levels of assurance, including the highest levels in the industry, while not compromising convenience & user experience.

Secure Element

The smart card Secure Element (SE) in the SideCard™ is an industry standard, providing highest levels of built-in tamper resistance, secure storage and hardware encryption. The SE allows storing of credentials, cryptographic keys, and X.509 certificates, making it non-extractable by hackers.

Public Key Cryptography

The applet supports cryptographic algorithms to enable strong authentication and transactional security. The applet makes use of the hardware based cryptography functions and supports NSA’s suite B cryptographic functions.

Strong Authentication

SideCard™ combines “What the user has” and “What the user knows” to provide two-factor authentication. The security credentials stored inside of the SideCard™ can be used for either Hardware One Time Password (OTP) or challenge–response based implementation. The OTPs are generated as per standards-based RFC recommendations. The challenge-response is based on standard cryptographic functions.

Transaction Security

The keys and certificates stored in the SideCard™ can be used to establish mutually authenticated TLS connection between an access device and any application server, such as payment gateways, etc. The transactions between the device and the application server can thereafter be protected using standard cryptographic functions, as AES256.

Easy Deployment, Easy to Use

In addition to EMV contact & NFC contact-less use cases, Tyfone SideCard™ communicates to wireless host devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is supported widely by all mobile platforms. Tyfone’s standards-based APIs enable SideCard™ to integrate with any application — on any platform (mobile, desktop or terminal device). This enhances the authentication and security of the application, with minimum user interaction, making it easy to use and deploy.

The simple, easy to use form factor provides a Convenient and positive user experience, while enabling the highest levels of security available in the industry.

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Side-XTM Financial Services Use Cases

  • Layered security and strong authentication
  • Mobile and internet banking
  • Secure teller application
  • Enhanced ATM security
  • Mobile remote deposit capture
  • IT/OT security & compliance

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SideSafe and SideTap Secure Token in microSD Form Factor

secure element sidesafe sidetap microSD

At the heart of Tyfone’s patented Side-X™ secure element product family is a secure element smart card chip that is the globally adopted standard, offering the highest levels of tamper resistance, un-cloneable, secure storage, and hardware encryption.

Tyfone’s Side-X hardware endpoint security technology is available in various compact form factors, one of them being the “microSD” card.  It is a memory card of different flash sizes with built-in smart chip in card emulation mode.

Both SideSafeTM and SideTapTM are nearly identical, with the difference being the SideTapTM device having Near Field Communication (NFC) capability utilizing Tyfone’s patented on-board miniature antenna.

Both SideSafeTM and SideTapTM cards can be inserted into USB microSD readers, enabling them to interface with host devices via USB interfaces.

SideSafeTM and SideTapTM Features

  • Standard microSD card of different flash sizes (2GB, 4GB and 8GB). Supports “SD System Specification: Version 2” for accessing Memory Card flash memory
  • Embedded dual interface smart card chip with ISO7816 and ISO14443A interfaces
  • Access any ISO7816 Smart Card functions in a memory card slot without need for SDIO or McEX. AP
  • Onboard Tyfone patented miniature antenna
  • On-board RF booster with auto RF detection to provide standard plastic card like performance from both read distance and load modulation point of view
  • Meets EMVCo2.0 Load modulation requirements
  • Support auto tuning at 13.56MHz
  • RF booster has very low power requirement – only 25mW in active mode
  • On board memory card controller manages over-the-air (OTA) capabilities allowing consumers to add multiple payment and identification options, creating a true mobile wallet
  • Rich set of software APIs, available on all major mobile platforms and personal computers
  • Supports multiple vendor’s dual interface smart card chip
  • Performance is maintained across all kinds of mobile phones

Side-XTM Secure Element Product Family Use Cases


  • Endpoint security
  • ID management with CAC/PIV/Derived credentials
  • Remote access management
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


  • Secure card-present & card-not-present online commerce
  • Secure payments
  • Prepaid cards
  • Point of Sale


  • Secure employees, contractors, suppliers
  • IT/OT security & compliance
  • Encrypted communications & data access
  • Secure mobile & non-mobile connectivity
  • Root of Trust for cybersecurity
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Converged physical & logical access
  • Secure Internet of Things (IoT) Devices

Internet of Things Development Kit

Tyfone’s IoT DevKit utilizes a Raspberry Pi computer coupled with a SideSafeTM secure element. The kit utilizes open source technologies for rapid development of  prototypes and products that provide highly secure IoT solutions.

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