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u4ia™ Digital Security Platform

In the new connected world, traditional methods of validating identity and securing transactions are no longer effective.

Passwords and centralized data stored in the cloud are not secure. Next generation security requires decentralizing security by leveraging both software and hardware cryptographic mechanisms. Tyfone’s u4ia™ solution is a standards-based identity and transaction security platform for humans and devices, supporting all assurance levels defined by NIST (National Institute of Standards Technology). The built-in policy engine allows stepped-up security depending on your organization’s risk thresholds.

When deployed for securing the identity and transactions for people, as in digital banking applications, u4ia’s policy engine allows you to optimize security vs. convenience user experiences. When securing devices, u4ia works with Tyfone’s Side-X™ hardware security modules that come standard in micro-SD form factors for easy, standards-based, deployment.

Identity and Transaction Security Features

Layered Security

Define workflows for multiple authorizations or approvals using any of the supported authentication mechanisms.

Authentication for Different Risk Levels

Choose from various multi-factor authentication mechanisms, depending on various identified risks such as a login from a new device, high dollar-value transactions or other higher risk transactions.

Transaction Non-Repudiation

Support for hardware cryptographic module that incorporates Tyfone’s secure element, providing transaction non-repudiation through a digital signature.

Rapid Integration

RESTful APIs allow any application to easily integrate into u4ia and secure the application through multi-factor authentication or transaction security mechanisms.

Configurable Policy Engine

Out-of-the-box policy and rules engine with defaults that you can override for your organization, subset of users or individual users.

Standards Compliance

Identity management is compliant with OpenID Connect based on the OAuth 2.0 standard. Authentication mechanisms include OATH compliant HOTP/TOTP and support for authentication mechanisms that meet all NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) levels of assurance.

Sensitive Data Security

No personal, sensitive information is ever logged or transmitted in plain text. User identifying information is tokenized and saved without any reference to the user.

Management Tool

Easy to use interface for custom configurations, user management, notifications, reporting and auditing capabilities.

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