Rural Multi-Branch Credit Union CIO Reflects on 2020



Andrew Bertrand

Episode Summary

Guest Andrew Bertrand, CIO of Our Community Credit Union discusses 2020’s most pressing industry issues with podcast host Josh DeTar of Tyfone. Topics Bertrand covers include strategizing for organizational growth, improving member experience, reducing costs through IT, and achieving many of the critical objectives that support those primary goals. He discusses the special operational challenges for rural CUs. He further examines lessons for CU leadership from the COVID-19 crisis and how to analyze and apply those in future planning.

Andrew discusses Our Community’s decision to become a data-driven organization, and he walks listeners through processes Our Community CU has undergone in the pursuit of improving efficiencies, including the enterprise’s transformational IT infrastructure changes. He explains how this major systemic upgrade is advancing the CU’s major objectives and goals, and helping to preserve its brand identity as digital becomes increasingly prominent in its service model.

He explains the overarching necessity of reaching a state of digital maturity, to meet CU members’ ever-changing needs. This is, for example, as CUs must demonstrate agility in accommodating rapidly increasing rates of fuller adoption of digital for personal financial management, which entails the need for increased online member engagement across a range of purposes, such as marketing, account management, financing, problem resolution, and much more.

The discussion goes on to feature Andrew Bertrand’s summaries of the kinds of questions that CIOs need to ask to understand the significance of various data trends for determining short-term tactical responses to emergent challenges as well as to formulating its longer-range strategic plans.

Key Insights

⚡  Identifying the organization’s primary goals is the first order of business in information systems management. “We have three main goals: to increase member experience, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs.”

⚡  Management strategies must be grounded in a thorough understanding of how to achieve your credit union’s goals. “We asked what can we do with the least amount of money to get the most amount of profit for the credit union and for our membership and increase that experience. We want to operate at the efficiencies of a $500 million credit union.”

⚡  Currently CIOs should ask the kinds of questions that can lead to actions based on assumptions CU leaders can make about a future of shifting economic and social circumstances for credit union members due to the 2020 pandemic. “Every day is a different day now, especially since COVID hit, with things like rates going up or down, and mainly down. We’re trying to figure out where we’re going in the next three to five years with that information.”

Guest At A Glance

Andrew Bertrand, CIO

Our Community Credit Union

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Andrew Bertrand is the Chief Information Officer at Our Community Credit Union Andrew moved into the analytics role from Marketing as OCCU began their business analytics journey in 2014. During that time, OCCU has implemented multiple data initiatives resulting in increased efficiency, increased revenue, decreased costs, and enhanced member service. Andrew’s current role involves managing day-to-day IT operations, Business Analytics, and supporting ongoing digital transformation projects to modernize OCCU’s operations and member services.

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