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Securing Digital Identities & Transactions

Tyfone’s platform dramatically enhances any existing security solutions across multiple industries on any device, on all major operating systems.

At the heart of Tyfone’s patented CSC™ hardware endpoint security technology is the Secure Element, built on globally adopted standards, offering the highest levels of tamper resistance, secure storage and hardware encryption. Tyfone’s CSC™ hardware is available in various compact form factors, such as memory card, USB plug, key, and CR80 card to accommodate various user preferences. These form factors collectively are called Side™ form factors. Details for each form factor are shown below.

Tyfone’s U4ia software is the universal translator that converts data from various systems into a format that is understood by Tyfone’s mobile applications. The U4ia software has been successfully integrated with core banking systems, bill pay engines, payment systems, leading smart card provisioning and ID managements systems.

Tyfone Software

Tyfone has over a decade of experience providing complete end-to-end software solutions for our customers. Our expertise spans across various platforms, devices and technologies, from server deployments and applications on mobile devices to firmware on embedded hardware. Our integrated software solution consists of the U4ia (pronounced “euphoria”) software platform, end user applications, firmware enabling ouend-usered hardware and an API library to integrate with the hardware.

Tyfone’s software solutions are designed to be:

  • Scalable (solution can scale as our customers scale)
  • Robust (handle failure conditions gracefully)
  • Secure (built-in protections, for e.g. SSL pinning)
  • Reliable (available 99.99% of the time)
  • Extensible (modular design enables adding of new features)
  • User friendly (intuitive and rich UX)


Side-XTM form factors from Tyfone

Tyfone SideSafe™ and SideTap™ are based on the microSD form factor. These devices act as normal storage devices in addition to hosting a Secure Element smart card chip. Both SideSafe™ and SideTap™ can connect to a host device as is or with a USB card reader. The SideTap™ version of this form factor also includes an inbuilt NFC antenna and a booster. This form factor enables payments and access control using non-NFC phones.

Tyfone SideCard™ is the generic plastic card interface, available as part of our comprehensive portfolio to meet the varied needs of our customers. It has the smart card circuitry and NFC interface for payments. It can connect to a host device using Bluetooth.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Tyfone security solutions are powered by our versatile hardware elements. All our hardware products are based on our patented, The Connected Smart Card™ technology. Tyfone collaborates closely with manufacturing partners in every aspect of product development from product prototype development to large scale manufacturing. We work with our customers and manufacturers to understand demand planning cycles, production planning and scheduling and capacity expansion, as needed.

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