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Intellectual Property

140 issued & pending patents

Over 1,500 issued invention claims

One of Tyfone’s key assets is its Intellectual Property. We are proud of making inventions and patent filing a priority, both from the perspective of protecting our investments and from the perspective of promoting progress in science and useful arts. Tyfone’s family of patents spans a wide range of topics, ranging from authentication to encryption and from provisioning to replacing passwords. Tyfone’s patents include filings in the United States of America, Taiwan, and PCT countries. Tyfone has 140 issued or pending patents and over 1,500 issued invention claims.

Tyfone Technology

Tyfone’s Secure Transaction Platform is powered by our patented, The Connected Smart Card™ (CSC™) security hardware for the client side endpoint and Tyfone’s proprietary u4ia™ (pronounced “Euphoria”) software. The secure transaction platform and its rich set of software APIs, available on all major mobile platforms and personal computers, enables strong authentication, secure access to sensitive information and enhances transaction security for all use cases.

Identity and transaction security seamlessly span from existing methods (like One-Time-Passwords for lower risk transactions) to the highest level of security (NIST Level 4) in a flexible and convenient manner, driven by user preference and/or organization policy for specific transactions.

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