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Service Models

Flexible Service Models

At Tyfone, we create transformative services in the fields of identity, security and mobile applications using our proprietary Secure Transaction platform. With teams in India, Taiwan and the United States, Tyfone effectively serves the needs of its customers spread across the globe. From out-of-the box solutions to working with partners and resellers, Tyfone offers its solutions in a variety of service models, to make it convenient for a customer to avail our services in the manner most appropriate to them.


Tyfone believes in the philosophy of enabling our customers to focus on their areas of expertise, while we take care of what we do best. Tyfone’s hosted solution is the most comprehensive solution offering, where we, with our trusted hosted service partners, take care of hosting and maintaining all solution components and the required infrastructure. We provide all front end software and hardware components and support hosting in multiple geographies.


In the enterprise model, Tyfone provides all the software and hardware components and enables the customer to host our solution using their own IT infrastructure. Our solutions can be deployed on all major operating systems and databases, making it easier for our customer to use server infrastructure compliant with their internal policies. Tyfone provides remote deployment and management support in addition to offering an extensive suite of back end and configuration tools.

System Integrators / Independent Software Vendors

We work closely with our System Integrators to enable them to take our platform and solutions, customize as needed and deploy the same to their customers. We provide the following support to our strategic partners:

  • Training in using our core technology
  • The CSC™ API libraries, sample apps and documentation
  • Manufacturing CSC™ hardware devices, demand planning and fulfilment
  • Sharing of our Technology Roadmap for all strategic planning activities
  • Technical and Level 2 to 4 support, depending on partner / customer / geographic requirements

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