Embrace the power of the FedNow Instant Payments Service and enable your accountholders to receive and initiate instant payments and move money in real-time, ensuring swift access to funds for immediate use.

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Learn More About the FedNow Service and Our Instant Payment Xchange™

The Benefits of FedNow Service for Community Banks and Credit Unions

Explore how the FedNow service can transform the U.S. payment system, improving financial inclusion, and the importance of community banks and credit unions adopting this real-time payment solution.

Harness the Power of Our Instant Payment Xchange™ for the FedNow Service

The FedNow Service revolutionizes the way U.S. financial institutions offer lightning-fast instant payment to their accountholders. Find out how your FI can take advantage with  payFinia’s IPX solution.

Want To Learn About Our Other Digital Payment Solutions?

Skip loan payments in a matter of seconds.

Our Skip-A-Pay Digital Payments Solution will allow you to provide your accountholders with real-time financial relief while automating your internal processes, generate revenue and save your staff thousands of hours in back office tasks.

The Express Lane To Loan Repayment

Your accountholders want a modern and easy to use solution for paying their loans. Our Quick Pay solution is digital banking agnostic and allows your users to pay their loans without having to login, call or visit a branch even for loans not on the core.

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