Harness the Power of Instant Payments

Payfinia’s Instant Payment Xchange™ (IPX) is a secure, comprehensive, scalable, and affordable instant payments and money movement gateway to the FedNow Service. IPX securely connects to your core and enables your institution, your retail and your business accountholders to securely send and receive money instantly.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

The IPX solution with connectivity to the FedNow Service empowers financial institutions to outshine their competition by better serving individuals and businesses, who increasingly want advanced digital payment services.

Create New Revenue Streams

Instant payments drive revenue through enhanced money movement services, and accountholder engagement, keeping financial institutions competitive in the digital finance landscape.

Boost Brand Loyalty & Win Business

Giving your accountholders the ability to send and receive money in real-time helps your financial institution stay competitive. With Payfinia IPX you’ll have the right tools to retain your existing accountholders, while being able to attract and delight new ones.

Provide A Flexible Solution

Accountholders can enjoy the flexibility provided by instant payments, including the ability to fulfill last-minute or urgent payments. Meanwhile, businesses can enhance cash management, streamline transaction timing, automate vendor payments and more, ensuring efficiency across all use cases.

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