The increasing proliferation of portable devices among users and migration of infrastructure and data to the cloud is driving today’s digital transformation. This transformation of access to data in the cloud from multiple channels, presents a clear and present danger to both information security and physical security of critical assets.

At Tyfone, we believe that security policies, designed with the needs and convenience of customers in mind, using a unique combination of software and hardware, is required to secure the digital transformation.

Through a combination of our strong IP, with over 1,300 issued invention claims and more than 130 issued and pending patents, software products, and stable manufacturing supply chain, we have demonstrated leadership in deploying sophisticated security solutions to the US Government.

This leadership and learning is being commercialized to meet the needs of various industry verticals, including the financial, healthcare, enterprise, critical infrastructure and commerce sectors.

Founded in 2004, Tyfone’s corporate office is in Portland, Oregon. The company is privately funded and its management team are thought leaders with many years of experience in building successful products.




The days of “good enough” security that relies on
analytics and passwords alone are over.

We have insisted that a comprehensive, convenient, and layered approach to security, using  a unique combination of software and hardware is necessary. Tyfone is a pioneer in delivering comprehensive security and transaction solutions and collaborates with Financial Institutions, Governments, Enterprises and Commerce businesses to enable their customers, partners, and employees to:

  • Connect from any device or application
  • Protect identities and assets
  • Transact securely online and offline


Leading institutions across several verticals depend on Tyfone to keep their data and assets secure. Through our unique approach to protecting data at rest and in transit, we effectively address security issues caused by the increasing proliferation of mobility and adoption of the cloud. Our hardware and software solutions are adopted by the US Government, leading financial institutions, 2 of the top 10 credit unions and several other industry leaders.

Are you interested in the future of secure transactions?