Introducing Tyfone’s nFinia Digital Banking Solution

Our ultra-modern enterprise solution allows credit unions and community banks to deliver a robust digital banking platform to their members or customers. It offers a quick-to-build, customizable, and extensible online banking solution for mobile devices, browsers, voice assistants, and wearables.

Digital Banking Solution

  • A cohesive omnichannel experience for both retail and business banking users

  • Our online banking platform utilizes the latest features in device technology

  • Deliver a consistent UX regardless of screen size, platform and orientation

  • Includes 300+ native financial functions

  • API-based solution allows for easy connection to most 3rd party vendors

Admin Console

  • Support staff turn into superheroes with harmoney’s robust feature set

  • A beautiful UX allows your employees to quickly and efficiently support users

  • Pre-populated, or dynamically, generated reports allow you to access your data where, when, and how you want it


  • High security digital banking platform with low user friction

  • Web application firewall & DDoS Protection

  • Secure infrastructure and authentication

  • 20+ patents in authentication and payments

  • Omnichannel security keeps your users safe regardless of their device

58% of

want a community FI to be their primary Institution…

But only 12% believe community FIs offer the right technology.

But only 12% of them feel community FIs offer the right technology.

Together we can change that!

SOURCE: Harris Poll® November 2018 The Financial Brand

Banking On Relationships

As an online banking vendor, we leverage hyper-collaborative relationships to be an extension of your team. Open, two-way communication with our customers is as important to our business as the technology.

Customer Testimonials

Tyfone has delivered in every conceivable way. As a partner, Tyfone consistently advances the platform using client input and has become an extension of our team by providing us with the talent and resources we need to execute our unique digital strategy objectives.

Dennis Griesgraber, Expedition Credit Union

Since moving to Tyfone’s nFinia platform we’ve seen exponential growth in our digital banking channel. Tyfone’s emphasis on relationship building fits well into our culture. Our partnership allows us to bring innovative product and features to our members.

Margarete Mucker, Star One Credit Union

Tyfone is the ideal partner for our online banking and mobile app! As a smaller credit union our voice is always heard and valued by the Tyfone Team, which allows us to quickly deliver and meet our member’s needs.


Constant Product Evolution

Our innovative product roadmap ensures that your digital member experience remains at the forefront of both capability and design.  We update our roadmap and present it to our family of customers quarterly.

The Four Pillars That Guide Our Roadmap

Digital Banking Podcast


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