Cooking Up A New UX

Are you ready for a dramastically better digital banking solution? We would love to unveil the exciting new changes to our nFinia Digital Banking Suite right here…

But then we would be giving away our secret recipe to everyone. Just like your grandma’s recipes we’re hanging on to that with a tight grip. You are going to have to request a demo to see for yourself! 

What’s New In UX 2.0

The Reasons Everyone Will Love It

Matching UX Expectations

UX 2.0 brings in user-learned traits from the most efficient apps like Facebook, Uber, and Amazon.

On The Fly

UX 2.0 harnesses self-learning interfaces that reorder features based on a users individual usage.

Get Things Done

With task-flows front and center our new UX enables the quickest user action right from the get go.

Search Paradigms

Our new UX utilizes a text based global navigation for quick and easy searches to find what you need fast. The new transaction search feature makes it “Uber-easy” to find what you’re looking for.

Serving More Users

ADA Compliance ensure everyone has equal opportunity to connect with you through digital channels.

WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant

Our nFinia Omnichannel Banking solution comes out-of-the-box with WCAG 2.0 AA Compliant online and mobile channels.

Key Features

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Sneak Peek

A get-things-done, mistake proofing, task oriented UX helps meet users where they are and get where they are going… fast! Thoughtful feature parity along with a consistent and convenient user experience means better familiarity when using multiple digital banking channels. Our API focused approach allows for easy integration to existing and new third-party vendors so you can provide every feature your users need.

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Why Choose tyfone?


With tyfone you are not simply picking a dramastically better digital banking suite; you are also committing to experiencing an ultra-collaborative, high-touch partnership. Everyone builds features, not everyone builds relationships. We build both!

  • Agile methodology provides rapid development

  • Innovative product roadmap

  • Follow-the-sun 24/7 support model

  • Highly configurable integrations

  • Customer input is encouraged

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