A powerful platform that offers high configurability balanced with the economies of scale of a SaaS offering giving you and your users an extensible digital banking solution on every device.

Ultramodern Architecture and Infrastructure for your Retail Banking Customers

A beautiful and intuitive user experience is the minimum requirement in the age of digital transformation. To ensure nFinia keeps up with the pace of innovation, tyfone leverages a sophisticated, open, and scalable platform for your retail banking members and clients.

Integration Friendly and Configuration Ready

A truly open and agnostic approach working with any and all 3rd-party partners. Chose one of our partners, bring your own, or let’s work together to find the right partner for you.

  • API driven

  • 300+ native financial functions

  • 150+ partner integrations

  • Unlimited flexibility with your choice of third-party vendors

A True Omnichannel Experience

Our mobile-first digital banking platform delivers a consistent and familiar user experience across every screen big or small. Native device functionality with a common code-base allows for sensible feature parity bringing maximum value to any device.

Frictionless User Experiences

Tyfone’s digital banking platform exceeds your retail banking customers expectations by adopting popular efficiencies and user-learned traits consistent with social media and other popular apps and websites.

  • Task oriented dashboard informed by machine learning
  • Familiar account view
  • One home for payments
  • Contextually relevant and dynamic content
  • Post login sneak peak of what occured since last login
  • Lexicon search
  • Advanced transaction search
  • Accessible to everyone based on ADA Compliant best practices

Voice Banking

How much money do I have in savings?Transfer $100 from Checking to savings.What's my account balance?Pay my mortgage.

Quick & Easy

User friendly voice commands allow retail consumers to quickly interact with their financial institution with a handsfree user experience.

Wearable Banking

Meaningful Feature Parity

Users interact with devices in the moment that suits them the best. Sometimes this requires quick info or basic actions right now. Connected smart watch apps put relevant features directly on your users wrists.

  • Sneak Peak
  • Alerts
  • Step Up Authentication
  • Location Services

Turn Your Admins Into Super Heroes!

Quickly manage and support retail, business, and administration user accounts from a unified admin console. Harmoney’s reporting features allow for enhanced visibility into how users are using your digital banking platform and its features.

harmoney Management Console™

Manage, Train, and Support Faster.

Harmoney’s intuitive design combines extensive customer feedback and modern UX navigation principles with the idea that better employee experiences directly correlate to better end user experiences.

Security You Can Trust

Our u4ia identity and transaction security platform provides strong authentication and transaction security.

Customer Testimonials

“We were looking for a digital banking partner who’s more modern and can provide an open banking platform that gives us the flexibility to integrate what we want to integrate, where we want to integrate it, and how we want to integrate it.”

Sachin Kundra, CIO, Chevron Federal Credit Union
Since moving to Tyfone’s nFinia platform we’ve seen exponential growth in our digital banking channel. Tyfone’s emphasis on relationship building fits well into our culture. Our partnership allows us to bring innovative product and features to our members.
Margarete Mucker, EVP Operations, Star One Credit Union

“Everyone has just been great. To be honest, it’s been amazing. There’s always five or six people on the call or video chat. They’re always very helpful, always quick to respond.”

Heather Clancy-Young, CEO, One Federal Credit Union

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