Embrace the power of the FedNow Instant Payments Service and enable your account holders to receive and initiate instant payments and move money in real-time, ensuring swift access to funds for immediate use.

A Transformative Step in Payments Infrastructure

FedNow represents a significant leap in the Federal Reserve’s payments services, comparable in impact to the automated clearing house system’s introduction in the 1970s. This advancement eliminates the time constraints for payments and opens up opportunities for community financial institutions to provide faster payments.

Tyfone’s FedNow Instant Payment Exchange

Harness the true power of FedNow to seamlessly Send & Receive funds. Whether you’re looking to start with Receive only or aiming for a comprehensive Send and Receive solution, tyfone offers an incredible, cost-effective implementation that will work with any core or digital banking provider.

Bridging Transactions Seamlessly

Tyfone’s Instant Payment Exchange securely links digital banking, bill payment processors, fintechs, and e-commerce apps via a unified API gateway, supporting diverse money movement methods including FedNow and RTP.

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