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Each episode explores key topics facing the industry today. Major themes include customer experience, technology and overarching trends of digital banking. Guests include industry experts, practitioners and FIs – all coming together to share information for our listeners.

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The Good and the Bad of Customer Feedback, With Catherine Ordeman

November 18th, 2022|

LISTEN NOW EPISODE: 56 Catherine Ordeman Episode Summary Opinions are like … well, you know the saying. And that’s all customer feedback is – opinions. Some feedback is downright transformative, other feed back not so much. However, because it comes from your customers, you must respond to all of it in some measure. The trick is determining the appropriate response for any given feedback. You can’t overreact, but [...]

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How to Keep Pace in the Technology Race, With Bryce Deeney

November 24th, 2022|Article|

When it comes to banking, customers expect a reliable, frictionless experience. First we need to define what frictionless means in the world of technology and software. If you want to stay competitive, you [...]

People an Important Factor in Arcadia CU’s Move to Tyfone

PRESS RELEASE Leading digital banking provider signs its first Wisconsin client Portland, Ore. – Today a feature-rich platform and modern, compelling UX are table stakes for digital banking providers. Culture has become Tyfone’s [...]

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