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Our business banking solution was architected as an extension of our retail platform. Account holders enjoy the same features, functionality, and user experience whether working with their personal or business accounts.

nFinia Business Banking Feature Overview

Our business banking solution integrates new features into the existing nFinia platform, tailored specifically to meet the needs of business account holders. These additions effectively partition and provide functionalities crucial for managing business accounts, ensuring a comprehensive and robust banking experience within the nFinia ecosystem.

These new business-only features include:

  • Single Login for Retail and Business Users

  • Smooth Business & Sub-user Enrollment

  • Manage Users, Roles, Limits and Permissions

  • Maker/Checker Approval Work Flows

  • Transfer to Multiple Recipients

  • Transfer Templates, Wires, P2P, Same & Next Day ACH

  • NACHA File Editing

Give Power Back to Your Business Account Holders

Reduce the work load on your call center and lessen the burden of liability and compliance for your financial institution by empowering business owners to take control with self service options.

Businesses can manage their own users

Our business banking solution is purposefully crafted to minimize the reliance on call centers by entrusting business owners and admins to effortlessly address common user management issues independently. With user-friendly functionalities, they can efficiently resolve these concerns, reducing the need for assistance or support from the call center.

  • Add and invite new users

  • Lock and unlock users

  • Deactivate users

  • Reset or change passwords

  • Manage and access specific accounts

  • Assign role specific permissions

  • Create custom roles

  • Define approval processes

  • Determine transaction limits

Power of Permissions

nFinia’s permission-based solution allows owners and admins to efficiently manage user account access using default FI/core specific roles. In cases where the out-of-the-box solutions do not offer the desired level of control, owners have the flexibility to create custom roles and choose from a wide selection of over 150 permissions. This ensures a tailored approach to meet the specific needs and requirements of every business.

  • Operate or view account information

  • Enable alerts

  • View, approve or decline approval requests

  • Set role limits

  • View, manage, or generate reports

  • Transfers between internal or external accounts

  • View or manage transfers and payments

  • View or manage business settings like roles, sub-users and approvals

  • Access banking specific services like targeted marketing

  • View or manage support tickets

nFinia’s Profile Switcher

Regardless of what role the user has in the business our business banking platform can tie all of their accounts to a single login. What used to be a major pain point for multi-business sub-users to constantly switch between businesses our Profile Switcher makes it a breeze.

Turn Your Admins Into Super Heroes!

Quickly manage and support retail, business, and administration user accounts from a unified admin console. Harmoney’s reporting features allow for enhanced visibility into how users are using your digital banking platform and its features.

harmoney Management Console™

Manage, Train, and Support Faster.

Harmoney’s intuitive design combines extensive customer feedback and modern UX navigation principles with the idea that better employee experiences directly correlate to better end user experiences.

Security You Can Trust

Our u4ia identity and transaction security platform provides strong authentication and transaction security.

Customer Testimonials

“You’re always trying to find ways to personalize digital banking so it works well for every member and makes it easy for the member regardless of how they’re trying to do it. It’s very clear to me that Tyfone spent a lot of time developing ways to meet those objectives.”

KayCee Murray, SVP Information Technology, Numerica Credit Union

Tyfone consistently advances the platform using client input and has become an extension of our team by providing us with the talent and resources we need to execute our unique digital strategy objectives.”

Dennis Griesgraber, COO, Expedition Credit Union
“We’re putting something in our members’ hands that turns our mobile app into an experience, not just a tool. It provides access to services that members typically had to come into the branch for.”

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