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Each episode explores key topics facing the industry today. Major themes include customer experience, technology and overarching trends of digital banking. Guests include industry experts, practitioners and FIs – all coming together to share information for our listeners.

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Negotiating Better Vendor Contracts With Mike Crofts from Maple Street Inc.

November 12th, 2021|

LISTEN NOW EPISODE: 30 Mike Crofts Episode Summary For financial institutions to evolve and improve member experiences, it’s important to introduce new technologies. However, it’s important to consider new technologies from a strategic perspective as well. Too often, FIs jump to implement the latest new feature. And organizations chase after new “shiny objects” hoping to meet the requirements of members. In the rush, FIs fail to [...]

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Read More From The Blog

Build, Buy or Partner?

It’s the age-old question faced by every financial technology creator that’s ever existed. When it comes time to add functionality to the product, do you build it yourself, buy a company that already does [...]

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