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Each episode explores key topics facing the industry today. Major themes include customer experience, technology and overarching trends of digital banking. Guests include industry experts, practitioners and FIs – all coming together to share information for our listeners.

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Meeting Consumers’ Constantly Changing Expectations, with Jenn Markus of Glia

April 22nd, 2022|

LISTEN NOW EPISODE: 41 Jenn Markus Episode Summary By now it should be clear to all community financial institutions that digital transformation is both imperative and a never-ending endeavor. Technology keeps changing, which means that consumer expectations keep changing, which means that FIs must keep changing just to keep up. It’s not easy. In this episode of the Digital Banking Podcast, Josh DeTar welcomed Jenn Markus, the Director [...]

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Read More From The Blog

5 Yoda Quotes You Can Apply Today

May 3rd, 2022|Article, Top 5|

In honor of May the Fourth, a.k.a., Star Wars Day, we’ve assembled the top five quotes from the great Jedi master Yoda that community FI technologists can use to guide [...]

Big Thinking Leads $60M Great Meadow FCU to Tyfone

PRESS RELEASE Portland, Ore. – Great Meadow Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Granville, NY, may have only 6,000 members, but according to CEO Ryan Roberts, it thinks like a much larger institution. “We [...]

5 Things That Show Tyfone Cares

Over the past five years, tyfone has doubled down on its commitment to providing Dramastically Better Digital Banking™ to community FIs. Some may remember us as “the security company” [...]

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