Financial Institutions

First Tech FCU + Ground Up Coffee Shop + Java4Kids

"One of the things that we hope that these students will come away with is, for us, to strengthen financial well-being. They have the opportunity to manage the budget for the coffee shop, understand how to deal with money, [...]

Bill Kennedy: Personal Connections in the Digital Era

"There's nothing like adding fuel to the fire of engagement to make a difference when someone demonstrates their gratitude five years after the fact that, hey, you really made a difference in my journey. That's just more encouragement to [...]

Bridging Tech and Business in Banking with Jin Gwak

LISTEN NOW "And then also those committees that I mentioned, those are the really kind, you know, get different business units all together. So we are meeting, some of 'em is biweekly, some of' em monthly. We doing [...]

Brad Hickey: Insights From the Founder of CU Build

LISTEN NOW "We are very interested in making sure that we're always building people up, because when we brought this buildathon concept to the credit union movement, we wanted to make sure to interlace those cooperative principles throughout [...]

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