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Dennis Griesgraber

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Digital Banking podcast, Josh DeTar talks to Dennis Griesgraber, Chief Technology Officer at United Educators Credit Union. In this conversation, the two focus on the benefit of small credit unions and the importance of delivering a superior, member-centric experience to the credit union community in our technology-driven society.

Dennis speaks about the role of technology in enhancing the member experience. He sees that, even though we are surrounded by technology, members still find digital channels with poor user experience overwhelming. He provides potential solutions that create a more user-friendly environment, not only on the frontend but also on the backend.

Josh and Dennis discuss tech-related topics, including business intelligence (BI), leveraging data to enhance the member experience, and how the proper use of technology can help differentiate and allow small credit unions to shine. Tune in to the latest episode of the Digital Banking podcast to hear more firsthand information from our guest Dennis Griesgraber.

Key Insights

We are focusing on digital channels and member experience. As CTO of United Educators Credit Union, Dennis focuses on delivering top-notch member experience through digital channels. “While there can be a lot of complexity in delivering solutions through the digital channel, for us the goal is to make it easy to use and intuitive for our members.”

⚡ It is not only BI. There are other human components in enhancing the member experience. Dennis discusses the concept of business intelligence (BI), focusing on its role in data-driven decisions and enhancing the member experience. “I believe business intelligence tools can help to differentiate and enhance the member experience through technology. As a smaller credit union, we also believe proactively reaching out to members and BI can help tell us when to do that. This brings both the technology as well as a human element to servicing our members.”

⚡ The member experience is the combination of a functional backend and a nice frontend. Dennis states that enhanced member experience consists of both functional and efficient backend coupled with a compelling frontend design, if they don’t work well together than you create a disjointed experience. “To me, member experience, at least for the digital channel, is coalescing a lot of functionality from the backend so that it is both usable and beautiful on the member facing side.”

Guest At A Glance

Dennis Griesgraber

United Educators Credit Union

Noteworthy: Dennis has worked at United Educators Credit Union for over 24 years.

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