Surround yourself with honest people, listen, and build a culture that benefits everyone – Tracey Miller of Pioneer FCU


”I never say no until I have a good why behind the no. As I’ve grown as a leader, I have had to remind myself that. It is easy to say no. I can say no to anything and walk away. Because in my level in the company, it’s easy to do that, but what are we doing?”



with guest:

Tracey Miller
SVP and VP of operations

Pioneer Federal Credit Union

Episode Summary

In this episode of the Digital Banking Podcast, host Josh DeTar and SVP/VP of Operations Tracey Miller of Pioneer Federal Credit Union discuss a wide range of hot credit union topics.

Tracey has a lot of experience in fintech and explains how important it is to be honest with both team members and external partners. Creating stable and sincere relationships can help any business to grow. If the foundation is strong, everyone around you will prosper and achieve their goals.

Tracey points out the importance of surrounding yourself with ambitious and detail-oriented peers, since that’s the best way to answer all questions and overcome business challenges.

She thinks that listening to others while creating a company culture can take you places, and that’s why Pioneer continues to thrive. Tracey is sure that building long-lasting relationships with everyone near you can help you overcome every obstacle on your path to success.

Key Insights

Company culture is essential.

According to Tracey, culture is the core of every successful company. If companies seal the deal, it means they share the same values and beliefs. ”You can feel the culture of a company very quickly by the reps that you’re working with. Even in the RFP process, when you’re doing an RFP, they send in their best salespeople. We know that, but you’ll learn very quickly if they’re telling you they can do something because they can, or if they’re truly interested in what you do.”

Honesty and dedication can go very far.

Everyone deserves a well-thought-out why. But it doesn’t mean you should be afraid to say no once you and your business partner are not on the same page. Remember, honesty leads to long-lasting, high-quality relationships.

“The relationships we’ve already built are also relationships that open the door into places that we probably wouldn’t be able to get into before. Lucky for us, we built those real strong relationships, and we’ve delivered when we’ve taken on a new product, and we’ve provided our feedback. They will give you a 100% if they think this is the right product and service. If we don’t like something, we tell them why we don’t like it, why we don’t think it’s a good fit for them.”

Never stop listening.

As Tracey explains, listening is the secret of success. And it is not about selective listening. Both new and old clients can be valuable guides. ”Everything’s grown off of a foundation. I think, making sure that you continue to listen, and never get to a point where you think you’re big enough where you don’t need your customers anymore.”

Guest At A Glance

Tracey Miller
SVP and VP of operations

Pioneer Federal Credit Union

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Pioneer’s headquarters is located in Mountain Home, Idaho, about 45 minutes East of Boise. They have around 55,000 members, and $640m in AUM.

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