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KayCee Murray

Episode Summary

Is it possible to be pandemic-ready before one occurs? It was for Numerica Credit Union.

Based in Spokane Valley, Washington, Numerica’s members-first operations had technological solutions in place to build on to better navigate COVID-19’s curveballs — that way, its 150,000 members could worry about one less thing.

“Everything we do is all focused on enhancing our member’s lives, helping them fulfill their dreams and building the communities we serve,” says Numerica’s Senior Vice President Information Technology KayCee Murray, who’s worked at the credit union for nearly 20 years.

From working in the IT department to business analytics, to project management to facilities, KayCee has extensive knowledge in Numerica’s robust set of financial products. It’s no surprise she’s a wizard at making members’ lives easier by employing the most efficient fintech to deliver and help them access services.

Before, during and after the pandemic, KayCee and her team are committed to doing the groundwork that leads to better processes and systems for digital banking, including account origination, money movement and more.

On this episode of the Digital Banking Podcast, KayCee shares how Numerica tackles finding the balance between good user experiences and backend manual processes. She shares how Numerica educates its community on hackers and financial scams — plus, what the credit union plans to improve with its digital banking platforms.

Key Insights

If it makes members’ lives easier, KayCee says Numerica is always ready to try new things. It was an early adopter of voice banking, for instance; although adoption rates weren’t through the roof, KayCee says, “I think it lays the foundation for a lot of really cool features down the road.”

⚡ Fintech is booming, so it’s time to leverage new systems to create more efficient processes and user experiences for both members and employees. But letting go of old habits isn’t easy. “To take advantage of that stuff, you really have to challenge yourself,” advises KayCee.

⚡ Without drive-thrus in most of its branches, Numerica kept its branch lobby’s open all throughout COVID-19. Ultimately, it became a competitive advantage. “That was a challenge for us that actually turned into a bit of an opportunity,” shares KayCee.

Guest At A Glance

KayCee Murray

Numerica Credit Union

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With almost 20 years in the financial industry, KayCee’s role as SVP Information Technology at Numerica Credit Union comes after holding a number of positions across IT and operations. Now, she oversees digital banking, technology infrastructure, security, core system operations and more.

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