5 Things That Show Tyfone Cares

5 Things That Show Tyfone Cares

Over the past five years, tyfone has doubled down on its commitment to providing Dramastically Better Digital Banking™ to community FIs.

Some may remember us as “the security company” or the “mobile payments company.” While that history provides us with valuable learnings, connections, and patent assets, our focus today is clear. We recently spun two companies out of tyfone to allow tyfone to focus exclusively on scaling and supporting our customers in digital banking. Now with 25 omnichannel customers on our platform, the message is clear: We really care about the long-term success of community financial institutions. Here are five ways we show it.

The Digital Banking Podcast

Hosted by our very own Josh DeTar, the Digital Banking Podcast introduces our audience to industry insiders from a wide range of disciplines. Guests include subject matter experts from financial institutions, fintechs, consultants and more. Our podcast is not cheap to produce or designed to generate sales leads, you will find no product pitches here. So why do we do it? Because we think the free flow of long form conversation and the sharing of useful information is crucial to our industry.


At tyfone, we love a good cup of coffee. Know what we love waaay more? Helping children. Working with Credit Unions for Kids (CU4Kids), a credit union fundraising collaboration created to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, we figured out a way to do both. Now when you visit the tyfone website and buy a bag of Java4Kids coffee, $5 (basically all the profits) will be donated to CMN Hospitals through the CU4Kids program.

Better Technology

Today a great UX and an API-driven architecture are table stakes. What makes tyfone technology better is that it was designed to be efficient, with the end goal of maximum scalability. Our biggest customer is over $10 billion in assets while our smallest one is under $100 million in assets. We can cover that range because our technology is that scalable. We believe that all credit unions should have access to great technology, regardless of size. Our nFinia Digital Banking Platform is built on a philosophy of open integration. With over 160+ 3rd party integrations FI’s can choose any one of our partners, bring their own, or work together to find the right partner, the possibilities are limitless.

We Value Relationships

Pretty much all vendors pay lip service to “partnerships” and “cultural fit.” Usually, however, a good cultural fit means any financial institution that can afford to write the check. That’s definitely not tyfone. In fact, we’ve turned business away because we felt the institution wasn’t a good cultural fit. We can’t overstate the importance of the people that make tyfone a success. And whether you’re $100 million in assets or $10 billion in assets, we serve you with the exact same commitment and vigor.

We Communicate

Our competitors might even say we over-communicate, but we know better. We know that your success is our success, and our joint success depends on engagement. That’s why we have weekly calls with every client. That’s why we have quarterly group calls with all our clients. And that’s why we truly consider each institution we serve as a member of the tyfone family. It’s because we care.

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