Star One Credit Union’s Path To Real-time Excellence

Read our exclusive case study with Star One Credit Union, one of the first credit unions to launch the FedNow service and accountable for the first-ever transaction on FedNow, just a few minutes after go-live.

This Case Study Showcases

How FedNow revolutionizes real-time payments for financial institutions, big and small!

The multiple advantages of FedNow Real-time Payments over traditional money movement solutions.

A comprehensive look at fraud prevention and the robust security of the FedNow Service.

Key Topics

Discover invaluable insights and key information that will prepare you to adopt the innovative FedNow Instant Payment Service. In addition, learn more about fraud prevention and discover how FedNow is dedicated to ensuring the utmost security for your accountholders.

Explore the story of Star One’s search for a real-time, adaptable, user-friendly solution, and how, with Tyfone’s assistance, successfully reached their objective. In our case study you will learn how the FedNow Service can provide benefits like speed of money movement, reconciliation and cost reduction.

“There are cost savings all around with FedNow. Cost-effective transaction expenses and real-time money movement streamline settlement and boost internal efficiency. Since July, we’ve processed over $3.3 million across nearly 2,000 member transactions, making a dent in other products like same-day ACH and Zelle.”

Minal Gupta, SVP Operations

Star One Credit Union

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