More Features + Fewer Vendors = Better Digital Banking for Maroon Financial Credit Union

November 18, 2021

University of Chicago’s credit union selects Tyfone’s nFinia™ omnichannel digital banking platform

Portland, Ore. – When Maroon Financial Credit Union ($58M assets; 7,000 members) went shopping for a new digital banking platform, it hoped to solve several issues. The Chicago, Ill.-based credit union is currently using different vendors for online and mobile. And because the mobile system is neither integrated to the online system nor the credit union’s core, online and mobile require different credentials. On top of that, members who wish to check their Maroon credit card accounts need to visit an entirely separate website. Tyfone’s nFinia platform resolves all of these issues and more.

“We’re behind the times with what our members expect of our digital offerings,” said Maroon Financial’s President and CEO Scott Muniz. “Our members have experienced the very best of digital banking both in the U.S. and abroad. They expect the same features and functionality from us and now we’ll be able to deliver on that.”

Part of that better member experience will come from Tyfone’s tight integration with many third-party products. “I like the fact that Tyfone has so many integration partners and they’re willing to take on new ones,” added Muniz, noting that other vendors he considered were not nearly as open.

“Even smaller credit unions need ‘big’ technology to survive, especially with a sophisticated field of membership like Maroon Financial,” said Dr. Siva Narendra, Tyfone’s CEO. “I’m glad we can help Maroon remain competitive in a tough market like Chicago.”

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