The Digital Banking Podcast Turns 50 (Episodes)

September 8, 2022

Portland, Ore. – Tyfone’s Digital Banking Podcast reached an important milestone when it published host Josh DeTar’s interview with George Estrada, a strategic advisor for Amazon Web Services (AWS), on August 26. Here are some interesting stats about these first 50 episodes.

  • The first episode, “Digital Banking Pivots at the Credit Union of Colorado,” is the most widely listened to episode by a fairly wide margin.
  • Podcast episodes have been listened to more than 6,500 times.
  • While most listeners are from the U.S., there have been listeners from as far away as AustraliaGermany and the United Arab Emirates.
  • iPhone users account for 57% of all mobile listeners.

“It’s been gratifying to see how willing our guests have been to open up and share their expertise,” said Josh DeTar, Tyfone’s VP of Sales & Marketing, as well as host of The Digital Banking Podcast. “I knew I’d learn a lot from this experience, but I honestly had no idea how much. It’s been amazing.”

The current episode with George Estrada, as well as an archive of all past episodes, is available here.

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