Discover Tyfone’s Digital Banking & Payment Solutions

Explore Tyfone’s key product offerings, including our advanced nFinia Digital Banking Suite for retail and business account holders, and flexible payment solutions: Quick Pay, Skip-A-Pay, and Instant Payments.

Our Digital Banking Suite

Find out how our nFinia digital banking suite energizes both your team and accountholders right from the start. Delve into our innovative solution that simplifies operations through the intuitive Harmoney Management Console, while ensuring your system’s safety with our sophisticated security platform.

The Most Advanced Digital Banking Platform

Our cutting-edge enterprise solution empowers financial institutions to offer a fast, configurable, and flexible digital banking experience to their accountholders.

  • Stay Ahead Of Competition
  • Retain Accountholders
  • Easy To Use Platform
  • Integration Friendly

Empower Your Business Accountholders

Our business banking solution can stand alone or be coupled with our nFinia retail solution. Accountholders can enjoy the same features, functionality and user-friendly experience for both their personal and business accounts.

  • Leverage The Power Of Permissions
  • Save Time With Single Login
  • Easily Manage User Accounts

Turn your Admin into Superheroes

Enabling your staff to easily support retail, business, and administrative user accounts has never been easier. Our console includes robust reporting features, offering insights into crucial metrics and accountholder engagement.

  • Faster Training & Support
  • Self-Service Capabilities
  • Real-Time Reporting

*Included with nFinia Retail & nFinia Business

Fortify Cybersecurity for Future Challenges

Security and fraud defense are at the forefront of building user trust. Our U4ia platform merges advanced technology with robust protection for you and your accountholders’ peace of mind.

  • Tokenized Security
  • Weekly DHS Scans
  • Cyber-security Compliance
  • SOC and PCI Certified

*Included with nFinia Retail & nFinia Business

Our Payment Solutions Are Digital Banking Agnostic

Identify how to streamline loan skips and access the latest in payment technology including our gateway to the Fednow service, keeping you a step ahead in the competitive market.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

Leading financial institutions nationwide partner with Tyfone to achieve strategic objectives, retain accountholders, acquire new business, and turn their vision into reality. Hear their stories.

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