nFinia Configurability: Your Vision, Your Voice, Our Promise

Discover how you can empower your account holders with a personalized digital banking experience. Tyfone prioritizes customer-centric design, delivering seamless, intuitive banking that fosters trust, loyalty, and market differentiation.

Empower Your Account Holders With A Personalized Digital Banking Experience

User Experience (UX) in digital banking is about creating a seamless and intuitive journey that delights users at every touchpoint, fostering a deep emotional connection with your institution.

At Tyfone, we’re committed to providing your account holders with a modern, configurable and user-friendly digital banking experience that sets your institution apart.

Showcase Your Brand Identity

In our tailored approach, our UX experts present multiple design options aligned with your vision, reflecting your brand identity and voice. We handle all configuration, incorporating your feedback to fine-tune the platform.

Unleash The Power Of Configuration

Our nFinia platform offers over 300 assets including icons, logos, and animations, empowering you to craft a visually compelling interface that strengthens brand identity and drives user engagement.

Choose from a selection of over 140 configurable options, ranging from font colors and styles to table characteristics. To meet your unique requirements, you can add even more personalization to your interface through CSS inputs.

Enhance User Experience With Functionality

nFinia encompasses approximately 3,000 functionality configurations. From widgets, workflows and custom libraries to admin configurations, our solution creates a synergy between text and images, presenting your account holders with a dynamic and interactive experience.

Provide An Accessible Digital Banking Platform

We believe that good UX means providing a digital banking experience that anyone can use. Offering an accessible banking experience makes it easier for individuals with disabilities and seniors to interact with your financial institution. This approach not only improves customer loyalty across your user base but also enhances your account holders’ overall user experience.

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