Why You Should Care About User Experience In Digital Banking

User experience in digital banking, often referred to as UX, encompasses a range of emotions, thoughts, and behaviors experienced by account holders while interacting with a financial brand.

An example of great banking user experience is to provide access to financial services in a streamlined and intuitive manner.

This process takes time and is ongoing. Having a long-standing brand reputation doesn’t mean account holders will automatically remain loyal. Things can swiftly change due to a seemingly minor factor, like a mobile app malfunction caused by bad UX design.

User experience design in digital banking revolves around a customer-centric approach, aiming to craft services that consistently delight users at every stage of their financial journey, nurturing a strong emotional bond between them and the financial institution.

A seamless and positive user experience fosters trust and loyalty, boosting customer retention and revenue. On the other hand, a negative user experience can lead to unhappy clients who might opt for a competitor’s services.

In today’s digital era, where customers possess many choices for banking services, a robust UX becomes a pivotal factor. Implementing UX design strategies allows financial institutions to carve a niche among competitors and set themselves apart in the market.

Here at Tyfone, we pride ourselves on providing a configurable, intuitive and easy to use experience for your account holders.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

In our standard approach, tailored to suit the needs of most banks and credit unions, our team of UX experts kick start the design process by presenting you with multiple options that align with your vision, setting the stage to better reflect your brand identity and voice.

Also, no need to worry about configuring the solution; We’ll handle that by incorporating your feedback and meticulously fine-tuning the platform.

Access More Than 300 Configurable Assets

Our platform includes a diverse range of images, each playing a crucial role when shaping the visual elements of your user interface. It encompasses items such as icons, logos, card visuals, background graphics, load animations and so much more!

These elements are essential in capturing and amplifying your brand identity while enhancing overall user engagement.

Explore The Power Of Configuration

Our framework allows for extensive personalizations of your interface’s appearance and layout, giving you more than 140 choices. This includes the flexibility to modify regional and font colors, comprehensive font properties encompassing primary and secondary fonts, font weights, as well as fine-tuning table characteristics like alternating row colors and border shades. This level of configuration extends across various UI components, from the menu bar and navigation header to the footer and beyond. Most importantly, if our default configurations don’t quite match your unique needs, you have the freedom to take it a step further with additional custom CSS inputs.

Dramastically Better Digital Banking®

A powerful platform that offers high configurability balanced with the economies of scale of a SaaS offering giving you and your users an extensible digital banking solution on every device.

Craft Messages That Resonate And Connect

We don’t overlook textual content when configuring your experience. Our extensive text snippet library, comprising over 13,000 snippets, allows you to adjust and replace content to match your unique communication style, ensuring brand message consistency across all platforms.

Enhance User Experience With Functionality

With approximately 3,000 functionality configurations in place, our nFinia platform leverages the synergy between text and images to provide many functionality settings, giving users a more interactive experience. These settings are in a state of constant evolution, presenting users with a dynamic and growing range of options.

Provide An Accessible Digital Banking Platform

We believe that good UX means providing a digital banking experience that anyone can use. Creating an accessible banking experience makes it easier for individuals with disabilities and seniors to interact with your financial institution. This approach not only improves customer loyalty across your user base but also enhances your account holders’ overall user experience.

Get A Sneak Peek Into The Future

We’re currently hard at work on our upcoming UX 3.0 option, taking user experience to the next level. It’s not just about configuring the UX framework; it’s about introducing a productized package that will empower you and help you expand your capabilities. This means that you will be able to tailor the user experience to suit various customer segments and use cases. For instance, you’ll be able to create a distinct interface for Gen Z users, making it look different from what you offer to Gen X users.

Request Our Configuration Datasheet

Our nFinia platform offers over 300 assets including icons, logos, and animations, empowering you to craft a visually compelling interface that strengthens brand identity and drives user engagement.

Choose from a selection of over 140 configurable options, ranging from font colors and styles to table characteristics. To meet your unique requirements, you can add even more personalization to your interface through CSS inputs.