The Digital Banking Podcast Turns 50 (Episodes)

PRESS RELEASE Portland, Ore. – Tyfone's Digital Banking Podcast reached an important milestone when it published host Josh DeTar's interview with George Estrada, a strategic advisor for Amazon Web Services (AWS), on August 26. Here are some [...]

2022-09-08T09:58:57-07:00September 8th, 2022|

My Credit Union Story

By Josh DeTar, VP of Sales & Marketing at Tyfone, Inc., and Host of The Digital Banking Podcast By Josh DeTar, VP of Sales and Marketing at Tyfone, Inc. and Host of [...]

2022-08-24T15:30:56-07:00August 24th, 2022|

Kiss Your Debit Interchange Goodbye

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn't matter what we call it; what matters is to leave [...]

2022-08-10T16:27:58-07:00August 10th, 2022|

How to Negotiate Better Vendor Contracts

Too many people assume they're pros at negotiation. But even some of the best leave money on the table when get distracted by too many features. Buying a tool doesn't mean you'll immediately [...]

2022-08-03T16:22:12-07:00August 3rd, 2022|

Get to the Heart of Current Customer Needs with Dion Lisle

Consumers are looking for different things from community financial institutions, but FIs aren't meeting them with interesting and accurate marketing campaigns to forge a long-term, meaningful relationship. There's a lot of room for [...]

2022-07-06T15:51:01-07:00July 6th, 2022|

Guiding Your Accountholders on Their New Digital Banking Journey

It’s generally accepted that, with a core data processing conversion in first place, a digital banking conversion is the second biggest technology project your financial institution will ever undertake. There is, however, one [...]

2022-06-14T09:08:37-07:00June 14th, 2022|
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