Buzzwords 101: Decentralized Finance

As the definition above implies, DeFi is not necessarily the friend of community financial institutions. In its purest form, it seeks to completely eliminate the need for traditional FIs in much the same way that Travelocity, [...]

Buzzwords 101: Cryptocurrency

Before we get into what cryptocurrency is, it’s important to clarify what cryptocurrency isn’t. Specifically, cryptocurrency is not blockchain. The two are connected at the hip, but you can’t use these terms interchangeably. Simply stated, blockchain [...]

Buzzwords 101: Distributed Ledger Technology

To understand distributed ledger technology, or DLT for short, you first need to understand the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s easy to conflate these two, so let’s be very clear. Blockchain is a technology platform [...]

Buzzwords 101: Banking as a Service

This may seem like a simple enough definition. However, within its confines lies two completely opposite business models. Exactly how you describe BaaS beyond this definition depends on who is supplying the digital services and who [...]

Buzzwords 101: Open Banking

Do you remember about 20 years ago or so when account aggregation first became a thing? Various companies, known as account aggregators, allowed consumers to view their accounts from multiple institutions on a single screen. [...]

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