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Tyfone Looks to Open-Source to Solve IoT Security Issues

Mobile devices in conjunction with the cloud have brought new levels of productivity to our lives. Internet of Things devices are bringing greater levels of productivity and cost-savings to businesses, and safety and convenience to our everyday lives. However, this [...]

Tyfone Once Again Named Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution

Rated as Top 10 Mobile Banking Solution by Banking CIO Magazine two years in a row, Tyfone's Secure Digital Banking Solution is One of Only Two Mobile Banking Solution Providers to Receive the Honor in Both 2015 and 2016.

Tyfone and MIT partners in IoT security hack ridealong

Digital security solutions firm Tyfone is launching a new challenge at MIT focused on Internet of Things (IoT) security. Participants will be finding new ways to secure a Raspberry Pi-based IoT device or service by using the firm’s Connected Smart [...]

Web Cryptography Next Steps

The Web Crypto v.Next Workshop focused on improving secure authentication in the Open Web Platform. We reviewed the possible integration of hardware tokens as well as other forms of authentication, with the aim of being able to replace the password with more phishing-resistant cryptographic credentials. The workshop attracted more than 70 participants, including representatives from major browser vendors, hardware token vendors, mobile phone operators, payment technologists, government eID experts, and other bodies such as GlobalPlatform, SmartCard Alliance, FIDO Alliance, and SIM Alliance.

W3C Interview: Capital One and Tyfone on Tokenization for Web Payments

W3C’s Web Payments Interest Group is gaining momentum in its pursuit of the integration of payments into the Open Web Platform. As part of building understanding security, and the role of the Web, I am organizing a series of interviews on Web payments. In this first interview with Tom Poole and Drew Jacobs of Capital One, and Siva Narendra of Tyfone, we open with the broad question of what the Web needs to facilitate eCommerce.

Tyfone wins ASPCA award for NFC payment solution

Tyfone announced that it was given an award for “Widest Handset Coverage and Contactless Compliance” at the Asia Pacific Smart Card Alliance’s APSCA first forum on alternative NFC mobile payment solutions, recently held in Taiwan.

Top 10 Mobile Solution Provider Recognized by Banking CIO Outlook

Tyfone’s next generation mobile banking solution, apart from standard features that consumers demand, will include bill payment, security analytics, mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) and a host of other unique features, including the iCashe Mobile Wallet on all phones and [...]

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