Allied Payment Network allows your members to move money their way

Core product offering: Real-Time Digital Payments – BillPay, eBills, Photo BillPay, P2P, A2A, Loan Payments, BizPay & Digital Document Storage

Value prop: We provide payment solutions for all consumer needs that are fast, secure and competitive allowing CUs of any size to provide an engaging and useful digital experience.

Company contact leading webinar: Chris O’Brien Vice President, Business Development

Chris resides just outside Austin, TX with his wife, newborn son and dog Monty. He has worked with or for Allied almost from Day 1, and is amazed what this great team has accomplished over the last 10 years. Chris spent 5 years in mobile banking before coming aboard Allied in 2017. He currently enjoys BBQing, walking the dog, playing with his son and looking wistfully outside his home office window, longing for the time we don’t need to shelter in place.

Is the product current integrated to Tyfone, how?: In progress, SSO/API/Hybrid, depending on CU preference

Do you have any mutual customers with Tyfone today that are live? How many?: Early-stage implementations for end-of-year go-live

Is the product available for purchase as a feature on Tyfone contract?: Yes

What is a typical implementation timeline?: 60–90 days, depending on concurrent digital implementation

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Chris O’Brien
Vice President, Business Development

Allied Payment Network