Digital Deferment and Reset Technology

Value prop: Our platform eliminates the process of a traditional refinance which mitigates back office resources. SOFI (Social Finance), Lending Club, and Prosper control almost 40% on the consumer lending market. Rate Reset has developed a white-label consumer initiated Instant PreQual solution called The Button. The Button empowers credit unions with the ability to compete against SoFi, LendingClub, and Prosper by offering current Members and Non-Members the ability to PreQual themselves. The Button can be implemented in 60 days. The Button is easier, faster, and more consumer-friendly; elevating Credit Union’s above the Fintechs and beating them at their own game.

Core product offering: The KNOCK KNOCK platform at Rate Reset specializes in digital lending technology where members can Reset existing loans and open up new loans at the click of a button.

Company contact leading webinar: Foster Kelly, Dir. of Business Development

Is the product current integrated to Tyfone, how?: Not yet

Do you have any mutual customers with Tyfone today that are live? How many?: 1-2

Is the product available for purchase as a feature on Tyfone contract?: No

What is a typical implementation timeline?: 45-60 Days

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Foster Kelly
Dir. of Business Development

Rate Reset