Paramount demand on raising limits and expanding RDC eligibility safely

Core product offering: Remote deposit capture for mobile, business and ATM

Value prop: A robust risk platform to safely enable increasing limits and eligibility, along with new risk mitigation to identify social media and US Treasury check fraud.

Company contact leading webinar: Xan Kasprzak, Customer Experience Director, Xan has been in the FinTech industry for over 20+ years and focuses her efforts on improving the CX while mitigating fraud and losses.

Is the product current integrated to Tyfone, how?: Yes,robust integration from mobile app to our mobile RDC Ensenta platform Do you have any mutual customers with Tyfone today that are live? How many?: Yes, multiple

Is the product available for purchase as a feature on Tyfone contract?: Yes

What is a typical implementation timeline?: Activate enhancements valuable for current customers would be a configuration change, accomplished in approximately 4 days. New mobile RDC implementation to move from current mRDC provider to Ensenta platform is approximately 4-6 weeks.

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Xan Kasprzak
Customer Experience Director
Jack Henry & Associates