Real-time Fraud Detection with ML & Behavioral Analytics

Core product offering: Fraud prevention and anomaly detection in digital banking channels (Online and Mobile banking).

Value prop: Guardian Analytics leverages individualized Behavior Analytics with Machine Learning to take a holistic view of every end-user’s interactions with the financial institution. We risk score every session for every user and detect both the consistency in their behavior as well as the anomalies. Whether it is how the user is accessing their account, or the banking activities they are conducting, or the transactions they initiate, the risk scoring and alert generation is based on whether or not the user’s behavior is expected based on their previously exhibited behavior. This includes:

  • Login/Access: the customer’s login behavior – “when, where and how” (login success/failure, MFA activity, IP/geo-location details, time of day, day of week, frequency of logins, device/browser, etc.);
  • Account Management: the occurrence, frequency, sequence, and timing of in-session activities or events (e.g. Account inquires, Transaction log reports, Exports, Password changes, Email changes, User enrollments, Business account, employee and group administration, single sign on events, etc.); and
  • Transactions: the customer’s transactional behavior (transaction type, amounts, payees, sender-receiver relationships, frequency of transactions, velocity, etc.).

Company contact leading webinar:  Wendy Xue, Director of Product Management

Is the product current integrated to Tyfone, how?: Yes, we have an API integration with the Tyfone platform that not only allows us to risk score online and mobile banking activity in real-time, but we can also enable real-time interdiction (e.g. stepped up authentication or OTP) based

Do you have any mutual customers with Tyfone today that are live? How many?: 1

Is the product available for purchase as a feature on Tyfone contract?: No

What is a typical implementation timeline?: 6 months


Wendy Xue
Director of Product Management

Guardian Analytics