Understanding the Evolving Landscape of Financial Fraud, with Uku Tomikas



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Episode Summary

In this enlightening episode of The Digital Banking Podcast, host Josh DeTar engaged in a thought-provoking conversation with Uku Tomikas, a leading expert in the field of financial fraud prevention. They examined the ever-evolving landscape of financial fraud, exploring the ingenious tactics employed by fraudsters in today’s digital age. Tomikas shed light on the alarming rise of deepfake technology, which allows scammers to create convincing video impersonations of loved ones or acquaintances to deceive individuals into sharing sensitive information.


The discussion went on to emphasize the crucial role that technology plays in both facilitating and mitigating fraud. Tomikas highlighted the need for continuous technological innovation to stay ahead of fraudsters while underlining the importance of user education in recognizing and thwarting scams. He emphasized that staying informed and vigilant can significantly reduce one’s vulnerability to financial fraud, especially as criminals become increasingly sophisticated.


Throughout the conversation, Tomikas’ insights provided valuable perspectives on how financial institutions and individuals can protect themselves against the growing threat of fraud in an ever-changing digital landscape. This episode serves as a wake-up call to the risks we face and offers practical advice on safeguarding our finances and personal information.

Key Insights

The Evolving Landscape of Financial Fraud

Tomikas, a true fraud prevention expert, highlighted how financial fraud is an ever-evolving challenge. Fraudsters adapt to new technologies, exploit human psychology, and find creative ways to steal money. With social media providing a treasure trove of personal information, criminals can easily impersonate individuals and organizations, making it crucial for both financial institutions and consumers to stay vigilant. To combat this, Tomikas suggests a combined approach of technology solutions and user education. Technology can help identify and prevent fraud, while consumers need to develop the habit of scrutinizing messages, URLs, and requests for personal information to avoid falling victim to scams.

The Role of Awareness and Education

Tomikas emphasized the importance of user awareness and education in the battle against financial fraud. He suggested that while technology can provide solutions, individuals must also take responsibility for their online security. Understanding how fraudsters operate, recognizing phishing attempts, and verifying the legitimacy of requests for personal information can go a long way in preventing financial losses. Tomikas recommended that institutions and individuals invest in educating themselves and their accountholders about fraud risks and best practices for protection.

The Path Forward

Tomikas believes that while financial fraud may get worse before it gets better, there is hope on the horizon. Technology will continue to advance, providing more effective tools to combat fraud. Additionally, he anticipates that legislation will play a role in making online transactions more secure. However, he also acknowledged during the discussion that people tend to adapt and become accustomed to new security measures over time. Therefore, the battle against fraud is an ongoing one, with both financial institutions and individuals needing to remain proactive and vigilant. While the threat is real, with the right approach and a commitment to staying informed, we can mitigate the risks posed by financial fraud.

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Tomikas is a fraud prevention expert with a deep understanding of financial fraud.

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