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Ryan Canin

Episode Summary

In this episode of The Digital Banking Podcast, host Josh DeTar sat down with Ryan Canin, CEO of DocFox, to explore the multifaceted world of technology, empathy, and innovation in the banking industry. They discussed the impact of COVID-19 on client relationships, emphasizing the newfound intimacy and connection through virtual meetings. Canin shared insights into breaking down barriers and the importance of open dialogue in the workplace.

The conversation took a deeper dive into the challenges of leadership and the courage to pursue big ideas. Canin reflected on his personal experiences and the complexities of diversity and inclusion within the tech space. He emphasized the need for empathy and openness to make progress in these areas.

Finally, they touched on the success stories and the transformation of traditional banking culture. The episode concluded with a candid discussion of personal and professional growth, weaving together themes of life, business, and work.

Key Insights

Embracing Virtual Intimacy in Client Relationships: This episode highlighted how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed client relationships in the banking industry. Canin discussed the unexpected intimacy that virtual meetings have brought, allowing clients and professionals to connect on a more personal level. Seeing a client’s home, family, or even their pets during a Zoom call has broken down barriers and boundaries, fostering a more human connection. This trend, coupled with accelerating technology, has created exciting opportunities for financial institutions to engage with clients in new and meaningful ways.

Navigating Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Space: Canin shared his thoughts on the complex issues of diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. He emphasized the importance of open dialogue, empathy, and a willingness to engage with these matters, even when they are uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Canin invited others to help him understand different perspectives, acknowledging that these are not simple matters. The conversation underscored the need for continuous effort and openness to make progress in building a more inclusive environment.

The Transformation of Traditional Banking Culture: The discussion delved into the transformation of traditional banking culture, focusing on innovation, differentiation, and the courage to embrace new ideas. Canin shared a story about a bank that broke its conventional culture by being open to something different and new, leading to success. The episode emphasized the importance of aligning strategies with clear objectives and being adaptable to change. The conversation between DeTar and Canin illustrated the evolving landscape of banking, where being different and embracing new ideas can lead to remarkable success.

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Ryan Canin


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Leads DocFox, emphasizing innovation, empathy, and open dialogue in digital banking.

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