An Eye on Growth Prompts Digital Banking Upgrade for Hartford Firefighters FCU

September 22, 2022

Portland, Ore. – When Hartford Firefighters Federal Credit Union CEO Bryan Woodward began to consider his credit union’s prospects for growth, he realized something about the 1,700 member, $26 million credit union, which is headquartered in Hartford, Conn. While the digital banking system provided by his core processor meets his current needs, Woodward felt it would be insufficient to attract new, tech-savvy members should the credit union choose to pursue any significant growth. After talking with both his core processor and his peers also running that core, Tyfone’s nFinia platform become the clear frontrunner.

“There were other users of the same core that had already made the switch to Tyfone,” said Woodward. “I looked into the company and contacted them. Then I got good referrals and that’s the route I went.” He added that he had looked at other digital banking platforms in the past, which made him appreciate the advanced technology his members will be getting with Tyfone.

Woodward added that while his exact growth strategy is still a work in progress, he knows that having the right technology tools in place is essential. “Tyfone will create a lot more opportunities for us,” he stated.

“It’s exciting to see a smaller credit union with big plans,” said Dr. Siva Narendra, Tyfone’s CEO. “We are committed to doing everything we can to help make Hartford Firefighters FCU successful now and for years to come.”

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