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The Top 6 Priorities for Financial Institutions in 2024

Having just entered 2024, the financial industry is ready for significant transformations and innovations, although there will be many challenges ahead. From increasing cybersecurity threats and fraud to the search for new accountholders and an uncertain economy, financial [...]

Why You Should Upgrade to a Modern Digital Banking Platform

In this dynamic and fast-paced era, the expectations of customers have evolved, compelling financial institutions to adapt and provide services that streamline banking operations while prioritizing efficiency for their users. The popularity of digital [...]

Top 5 Digital Banking Trends To Look Out For In 2024

Digital banking is always evolving, transforming the way we manage our finances. Every year new technologies surface that redefine the banking experience, promising more convenience, security and efficiency for accountholders. As we step into [...]

VentureTech 2023 Podcast with Keith Riddle

Keith Riddle, SVP of Business Development at Payfinia, made an appearance on the VentureTech 2023 podcast. He offered insights into the future of payments, emphasizing how Credit Unions can strategically modernize and level the playing field with larger [...]

The Point Solution Paradox

A point solution is any software that’s designed to address a single use case or solve one specific business challenge. Tyfone’s Skip-a-Pay digital banking solution is a classic example of a point solution. It [...]

5 Things We Learned at GAC 2023

Your Content Goes Here By all accounts, the 2023 edition of the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference (GAC) was a rousing success. In 2022, people seemed understandably apprehensive, but this year, it was full steam [...]

5 Reminders for Understanding App Reviews

App reviews are clearly important. According to research from Apptentive, 50% of mobile users won’t consider an app with an average rating of 3 stars. That percentage explodes to 85% for a 2-star average [...]

5 Yoda Quotes You Can Apply Today

In honor of May the Fourth, a.k.a., Star Wars Day, we’ve assembled the top five quotes from the great Jedi master Yoda that community FI technologists can use to guide [...]

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