Collin Campbell Outlines Tips for a Better Consumer Experience Within Credit Unions



Collin Campbell

Episode Summary

Collin Campbell is one of the brightest minds when it comes to implementing strategic initiatives focused on Credit Unions. He has some interesting points of view that are going to shift the way you see the overall member experience.

When Collin started his career, it was in digital. Over the years he has found his place in the finance industry where he works as a strategic advisor for credit unions. In 2019, Collin collaborated with other partners and launched Detalus Strategy. In this episode of the Digital Banking podcast, Collin shares details about his journey with in the credit union industry and provides perspectives on how credit unions have adapted over the last year.

In this episode, you’ll learn how people’s understanding of organizations has changed from the ’80s and what the future holds for credit unions. Collin also touches upon a member-centric strategy, and how to meet expectations and deliver the best services to your members by assessing their individual needs.

Key Insights

Static annual plan vs ongoing strategy  – Collin shares his perspective about planning and developing an iterative strategy. The long-term strategy is important but rigid. So, how can organizations be more flexible and improve their strategy continuously throughout the year?

⚡ Silver linings – When a year like 2020 happens, Collin talks about the importance of learning the lessons and quickly moving on. There are always silver linings and positive things within a vast amount of negativity. So, Collin feels it’s essential for a majority of people to focus on the one major thing they learned in 2020.

⚡ Member-centric approach is the key “[Members] are all gonna key on different things that matter most to them. I think it’s up to credit unions to choose who they’re going to serve and do the best they can to meet expectations of the people that they want to serve or that they feel like they can serve the best.”

Guest At A Glance

Collin Campbell, Managing Member

Detalus Strategy

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Collin is a managing member of Detalus Strategy, a company that focuses on implementing strategic advisory serivces exclusively for credit unions. Collin believes in (and implements) member-centric processes for credit unions and feels this has helped with many client’s overall strategic planning initiatives.

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