The Credit Unions 4 Kids impact, with Nick Coleman of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals



Nick Coleman

Episode Summary

Credit unions nationwide have joined forces to help raise money for kids in hospitals, and their results have been significant. Of course, this is a need that never goes away.

In this special episode of the Digital Banking Podcast, Josh DeTar welcomed Nick Coleman, the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMN Hospitals). They discussed Credit Unions for Kids (CU4Kids), the way this mission brings credit unions together, and how CU4Kids became the fifth largest donor for CMN Hospitals.

Key Insights

Credit unions work together on raising funds for children’s hospitals. Nick highlights that credit unions have gathered to help children’s hospitals get what they need. This mission has already united different credit unions nationwide, and Nick believes that it could encourage others to join them. “Credit unions across the country have come together to make this incredibly successful. Now that we’re going to reconcile and close out 2021 numbers, we’re at $165 million for children’s hospitals over the past 26 years. There’s so much more to it, but at its very essence, CU4Kids is the brand that unites credit unions in giving to children’s hospitals across the US.”

It’s important to showcase real-life stories. According to Coleman, fundraising is more effective when patients are able to tell their own stories. That way, they can increase fundraising awareness and encourage more credit unions to join this mission. “It is most important to showcase real-life stories on how funds make an impact — to identify those patients and families that have received care from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals,” said Coleman. “They talk about their story, their experience with the hospital, how it made an impact on them and, in some situations, how they might not be here without that care.”

Credit unions set a gold standard in giving. Coleman truly believes that credit unions set a gold standard in giving money to those who need it — even more than some Fortune 500 companies. “When it comes to social impact, credit unions set the gold standard. They are able to identify corporate social responsibility as something that can help improve their business and not just something that’s good to do, or something that they need to bring into their annual planning meetings,” concluded Coleman.” The end result is that CU4Kids is now the fifth largest donor for CMN Hospitals.

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